Our Vision

Our Company Vision

We want our children to treasure their grandparents,
and we want to be assured that older adults who live on their own
are reveling healthily and happily in their independence.
Lively is our way of making these things happen.


At Lively, we believe:

Connection leads to happiness.
Happiness leads to well-being.

The link between people’s emotional and physical health is indisputable.
The way we see it, human connection makes us all happier and healthier.

Celebrate your independence,
don’t compromise it.

You thrive on being free and living independently, so sharing how you’re
taking good care helps deepen the connection you want—and need.

Older adults say they’re better off staying in
their homes. And they’re right.

When you’ve built a home and become part of a community, the last thing
you want to do is leave it because your children worry about you.

Living on your own doesn’t have
to mean feeling alone.

There are so many ways to connect these days that no one should ever feel alone.
Again, it’s a matter of finding the right way to stay connected.

You need peace of mind—
but sometimes your family and
friends need it even more.

Serve the people that want to know that everything’s
okay—your children and your friends—by helping them
know you’re staying active on a daily basis.

In this digitally obsessed world,
sometimes physical is just better.

Photographs on the coffee table. A note you carry in your pocket.
With so much digital communication, things you can hold in your hand
or carry around are even more precious.