Our Team

Lively is a team of tech geeks, health freaks, parents, athletes (some better than others) and unabashedly optimistic people who share a passion for helping families and friends stay connected across generations.

We are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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Our Team

Iggy Fanlo
Co-Founder and CEO

In 1983, he was captain of Princeton's golf team. He had everything lined up to go to med school— course requirements, MCATs, and even medical school acceptances. But after working in a hospital, he changed course and entered the world of finance instead. His fascination with health and wellness never waned, but it took 15 years in the financial sector and 13 in Internet media to get back to it by founding Lively.

Iggy is most excited about the "atomic" change in his employment; after 28 years working with electrons, he is finally doing something positive and working with protons (and neutrons, duh). Golf remains a form of meditation that helps him explore the relationships between physical movement and emotional disposition. And as he golfs through the kingdom of Northern California, he feels an immense gratitude that his obsessions with medicine, health and technology continuously take on meaning at Lively.

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David Glickman
Co-Founder and COO

During the 80's, he possibly set a record for the most first round exits from Northern California tennis tournaments. During the same era, he co-founded Music Doctors, a vinyl-based (because that's all there was) DJ business that predates the current DJ movement by decades.

He has started many different ventures, from a Mac consulting business, to a not so successful exchange for transferable airline tickets, to a wonderful iPad app to help people get Unstuck in life, and perhaps most rewarding and humbling: a non-profit (www.chalk.org) that employs and empowers young people in San Francisco. For David, Lively is a natural step forward in terms of using technology to keep the people we value in our lives closer together.

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Keith Dutton
Co-Founder and CTO

In high school, Keith was a rising star in martial arts with a second place showing at the annual North American Bok Fu Championships. When overtraining led to knee problems, he healed himself by paying intense attention to and reprogramming his movement patterns. This began a lifelong fascination with the effects of attention and awareness on well being that manifested in a PhD in experimental psychology from University of Washington (studying how beliefs about oneself affect oneself), guild certification as a Feldenkrais movement practitioner, and publications in top ranked psychology journals.

In addition to having fists of fury, Keith also harbors an inner nerd. Upon seeing a Pong video game in his local bowling alley, he began teaching himself assembly programming and bit mapped graphics so that he to could create games. This ultimately led to a Math/CS degree at Stanford, numerous tech patents, senior positions at both failed and wildly successful startups, and approaching two decades in technology spanning software engineering, usability, statistics and machine learning. He pinches himself every morning to make sure that he really does work for Lively, a technology platform designed to increase well-being and connection through awareness.

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Jean Olivieri
VP of Operations

Make no mistake, Jean is a gearhead. Her love of engineering and operations have led her career from satellite communications to iPods to building rockets to replenish the space station. But what sets her apart from your everyday rocket scientist is her intense passion for the people side of the equation—especially how new products and technology can contribute to people’s well-being and sense of connection. Jean has always been close with her family— especially with her grandparents who were married 75 years and lived healthily to the ages of 99 and 102! Its these relationships that make Lively’s mission resonate deeply with Jean, and also make her feel lucky to be able to blend her passion for family with her love of cool gear.

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Megan Prentiss
VP, Marketing

Chalk it up to some good role models: her great-grandmother (lovingly called “Big Nan”) became a respected champion of women’s equal employment while working at a small department store into her late 80’s, and her mother taught her the big-hearted activists ways through her involvement in various worthwhile causes and grassroots campaigns.

Professionally, Megan has forged a wonderfully diverse path as she’s looked for ways to make a positive difference through both business and nonprofit organizations. These experiences have demonstrated the power of stepping away from traditional ways of thinking when you’re serious about re-shaping the status quo. She’s found a perfect challenge at Lively as she works with the team to develop new ways to keep the generations connected as people grow older.

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Nichole Guy
Creative Director

So she did just that, but at a university with one of the best med schools in the country (just in case she changed her mind). She didn't however, and went on to work for a handful of companies that embraced design as a way to think, solve problems and build transformative experiences for clients big and small. She eventually stepped back from managing a phenomenal design team at a national firm for even more demanding clients, her two young children. But she was lured back to office life by the chance to work as a part-time consultant with the amazing team at Lively, helping bring to life the incredible experience they envision for families everywhere. And she gets to reconnect with the secret inner medical geek too!

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Joel Brent
QA Director

Joel recently relinquished his consultancy to join Lively, where he was helping to quality test his Fortune 500 clients' websites to even quality-testing an online "reality" concert triggered from a bag of potato chips. He has also had the dubious distinction of testing three of CNET's "Top 10 Defunct Websites."

Previously working as the QA Manager at BabyCenter, Lively feels like familiar territory to Joel although it's at the other end of the age-spectrum. He says he's excited to join a company that really cares about nurturing an important connection between people. In his life away from Lively, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children, as well as brewing beer... though usually not at the same time.

Guillermo Alcantara
Senior Software Engineer

Back in elementary school, after mastering the game that came on his Dad's system, he rewrote the code to create a multi-leveled experience that he found far more appealing. Coding continued to captivate, leading him to software engineering gigs at IBM and Innox in a more systematic environment. He then moved on to positions that appealed to his early love of gaming, eventually landing at Zynga where he experienced the thrills of thinking big and scaling up. Guillermo enjoys just as much fun on his time off, riding his unicycle, learning languages, playing board games, and dancing the Tango. Now he's joined Lively, a place he says blows his socks off. Because he says it gives him the opportunity to use technology to help change the world for good. And what can be more fun than that?

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Jeff Gaskill
Senior Software Engineer

Back in high school, he taught himself programming, learning on his own from a book. That early move was the first step in his path to becoming a software engineer and studying user behavior. On the latter, his fascination even led him to conduct an ethnographic study of persons who play World of Warcraft, a role-playing game. Before coming to Lively, Jeff built up his programming experience developing iPad and Facebook Canvas business productivity apps and application prototypes at StikCo Labs. Earlier adventures involved the creation of an iPhone action game and an application to help groups decide where to have lunch. He's thrilled to bring his skills to Lively in order to tweak technology that creates a better user experience for a whole new group of people (in an exciting new sector.)

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Daniel Buscaglia
Senior Software Engineer

Daniel has been programming ever since he was inspired by the mysterious inner workings of his video games at the age of 12. This early introduction to technology became a passion, and led him to study at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and pursue a career in software engineering. He spent much of his career working on social games at Zynga and Klick Nation, but a close relationship with his grandparents and a passion for products that help people made Lively a natural fit and next step. When he's not coding, you'll find Daniel outside playing sports, most likely rugby, catching up on news and current events, or relaxing with a good book.

Joshua Martin
Software Engineer

Joshua hails from Orange County, California, and has been fascinated by computers since childhood. He studied computer science and business in college, and has worked in several diverse roles including project management and quality assurance. Drawn to complex problems and fast-paced environments, he spent his initial professional years developing a trading platform at a physical commodities investment firm. Hungry for new challenges, Joshua came to Lively to help us further our mission of revolutionizing the elder and family care space.

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Maic López Sáenz
Software Engineer

Maic has always been facinated by geometry, from the misleading perspective of huge buildings to the intricate repetition of patterns in plants and vegetables. He found his strongest vocation when he found that computers could be instructed to replicate and draw these patterns almost instantly.

Through his daily commute to the Lively office he promotes cycling as a viable means of urban transportation. Beyond its practicality, few things excite him as much as turning back during a ride and seeing the expanse of land traversed by his own legs and a pair of wheels. He relishes his time at Burning Man and enjoys tango and contact improv the rest of the year.

Maic joined Lively to build meaningful ways to share the multitude of data captured by Lively. He sees immense power in translating Lively sensor data into patterns that are not only beautiful visually, but also in their ability to bring users enhanced insight and connection to loved ones.

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Garrett Singer
Software Engineer

After learning TI-BASIC to create a finger dancing version of DDR on his high school calculator, Garrett realized his passion for programming. He ventured into web development, learning all of the frameworks he could, and developing some of his own. He created a couple of iPhone apps and studied computer science at Case Western before entering into a full-time software developer position at Bloomberg. There he worked on high performance backend systems, translating millions of hits per day into millisecond operations, and worked on a custom video player, helping to pair bleeding edge technology with their large media base. Garrett joined Lively to see if he can bring his skills closer to people who may benefit from them, and to try to have an impact bettering people's lives.

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Aric Coady
Research Engineer

Aric began programming at an early age, but it wasn’t until pursuing an interdisciplinary cognitive science degree at Cornell that he realized the study of learning was consistently leading to machine learning. This culminated in another computer science degree with a focus on artificial intelligence, over a decade of experience at a variety of startups working with high performance data, and a few patents along the way.

Outside of work, Aric spends time with his family and volunteers at the local animal shelter, when his own adopted dogs will allow. Joining the Lively team, he’s looking forward to using technology for a social mission to achieve wellness and quality of life not possible in previous generations

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Tyler Wozny
Director of Product

Tyler spent six years working as an Investment Advisor for the Bank of Montreal. There he oversaw planning and strategy for a $100 million dollar portfolio of fixed income and equity investments. That was exciting, but he felt drawn to work that designed better communication between people. Then he was introduced to Lively, where he interned for a few months while earning an MBA. He was eager to come back after graduating and now, Tyler is working with the team to productize new ways that technology can improve the relationships between older adults and their loved ones.

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John Shea
Head of Customer Care

John’s passion for helping our elders remain independent is a deeply personal one. John’s great-grandmother Marion was adamant that she would never leave her home. After years of struggling to find a solution that would offer the flexibility and peace of mind that his family required, they were finally forced to hire someone to come check on her daily. While it wasn’t ideal for her or them, it did let her remain in her house for many more years.

When John first heard of the Lively system he immediately knew it would have been the perfect solution. This is what drives John to use his creativity and attention to detail to provide the best customer care experience to our Lively clients, and help our elders maintain their home lives with as much independence and dignity as possible. He loves that he gets to measure how well we’re doing our job at Lively by interacting with customers and using that data to advocate for their experience.

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Kali Clark
Director of Marketing Analytics

Kali’s love of numbers has led her to opportunities to partner with diverse teams in making data-driven decisions. Before joining Lively, she honed her marketing analytics skills at Hotwire and Practice Fusion. She was drawn to Lively by the opportunity to improve the Lively team’s ability to help keep older adults healthy and independent longer.

Many weekends you’re just as likely to find Kali wine tasting Napa as rooting for her fantasy football team.

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Felice Espiritu
Marketing Program Manager

Felice comes from a healthcare technology background, having spent several years as an analyst with Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Fund for Technology. Inspired by her experiences volunteering in senior living communities throughout high school and college, she decided to focus on the wellness of the senior population, and went back to school to get her MBA and Master’s in Public Health from UC Berkeley to help her better understand the issues and solutions in that space.

On a personal level, because she has family halfway around the world, she is excited about how Lively can help families like hers stay connected.

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Lively Board of Directors

Laura Carstensen
Board Member and Founding Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity

Good ideas become better when you throw a world expert into the mix, and Laura has done just that with her thoughtful guidance and original insights into the role that Lively can play in people's lives. As the founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor in Public Policy and Professor of Psychology, Laura is renowned as an expert on longevity and aging. For more than twenty years, her research has been supported by the National Institute on Aging, and in 2005 she was honored with a MERIT award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). With her students and colleagues, she has published more than 100 articles on life-span development. She also has chaired two studies for the National Academy of Sciences and is a member of the MacArthur Foundation's Research Network on an Aging Society.

Full bio available at the Stanford Center for Longevity.

Clayton Lewis
Board Member and Partner, Maveron

Clayton is passionate about providing individuals at every stage of life the resources and support required to live with dignity and independence. At Maveron, a venture capital firm that exclusively invests in transformative consumer businesses, Clayton leads investments in health and wellness. In Lively, he saw a wonderful opportunity to serve two growing markets—the "sandwiched generation" and the over 20 million Americans over the age of 70 who live alone.

Clayton was extremely close to both sets of his grandparents, even though they lived thousands of miles away and the primary form of communication was a monthly telephone call. In addition to the calls, he was able to spend a couple weeks with each during the summer. What he admired most was their fierce independence and drive to enjoy every minute of life. He knows they would have enjoyed how Lively would have enriched their connections between their family members and friends.

Clayton and his partner have given Lively to their moms and they are all enjoying the peace of mind that Lively provides!

Ben Albert
Board Member, Strategic Investments, Cambia Health Solutions


Iggy Fanlo
Co-Founder and CEO, Lively

David Glickman
Co-Founder and COO, Lively