How it works

Lively 24/7 Emergency
Medical Alert System

Lively Safety Watch and In-Home Hub & Activity Sensors

Safety watch available in
choice of black or white
Actual watch face size: 1.97" diagonal

Lively watch + activity sensors Video

How Lively Works

Easy setup

Easy Set Up

Simply plug the Lively hub into a power outlet—
it just starts working. Then place activity sensors
around the home, activate the account online and
start wearing the watch. No home internet connection
or phone line is required. It’s that simple.

Getting started with
the safety watch

Once Lively service is activated, using it is
simple—as is enjoying all it has to offer.

Help button

Press and hold the orange button to
initiate a call from the Lively Care Team.

Day & night display

Large, crisp display with back lighting
allows for easy viewing.


You can use the Lively safety watch
while showering or in the bath.

Lively watch

Switchable bands

Your Lively safety watch comes with
an easy to use, comfortable band,
which can also be switched out.

Make it your own—replace with any
20mm band of your choice.

Watch bands

Safety watch available in choice of black or white
Actual watch face size: 1.97" diagonal

Push to get help

Pushing the button to get help

Whenever the help button is pushed, our 24/7 team of trained, live operators step in to reach the user by phone before calling their emergency contacts — and if needed, dispatching emergency services.

Our emergency monitoring services are provided by a USA-based, CSAA Five Diamond 100% Operator Certified Central Station.

Using the safety watch


Receiving medication reminders

Lively pillbox activity sensors monitor daily medication activity and create an alert whenever anything is missed, in which case a reminder is displayed on the safety watch. Should a medication regime not properly resume, family members can be notified to check in.

3,785 Steps

Having fun with step counting

Lively's safety watch features a pedometer to keep track of steps throughout the day. Progress can be viewed directly on the watch, which is updated by the Lively in-home hub (when in range) every 15 minutes.

Fall Detected

Coming soon!
Clip for auto fall detection

When worn using its clip-on accessory, Lively also will offer advanced fall-detection to avoid having to push a button. The clip and monthly auto fall-detection monitoring service will be available in 2016 for a nominal additional charge.

Easy to configure and

The time never has to be set—it’s automatic.
Plus, settings can be easily configured remotely
by a family member or loved one.

Choose the time display (analog or digital)

Turn on/off vibration for reminders, alerts

Turn on/off medication reminders

Low-battery warning

And more...

Using Lively Activity Sensors

Lively passive activity sensors attach to movable objects around the home, like pillboxes, the refrigerator, front door, etc. They remain entirely in the background, there’s nothing to wear and no video cameras involved.

Lively activity sensors

How do we measure daily activity patterns?
We capture insightful data on behavior patterns through activity sensors. Using historical data, Lively’s passive sensing detects abnormalities and alerts loved ones so they can step in before big problems occur.



Attach a sensor to any pillbox to keep track of when medication is taken.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Attach a sensor to the refrigerator and other kitchen objects to infer when food is prepared or consumed.



Attach a sensor to a movable object that is part of the daily routine patterns of older adults to log more detail (e.g., bathroom door or favorite chair) in order to log more detail.

Using Lively's "At-A-Glance"
Online Dashboard

Lively Circle

Specific family members
and caregivers can be
provided "Circle" access

Safety Watch

Indicates safety—watch
status, including whether
it's being worn


Set up notifications
to be delivered by email,
text or mobile app

Daily Activity

Displays certain daily
activity patterns—
and offers more detail
when needed

The Lively app
helps you stay
informed and

Available on the App Store Anroid App on Google Play

App screenshot
Button signal range via a cellular connection may vary due to differing factors, which could result in the inability to place an emergency call or automatically detect a fall. Forthcoming fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. If able,
users should always push their button when they need help, or call 911 directly. Waterproof watch is designed for use in the shower and bath; can be submerged up to 6 inches. Not intended for swimming use.